Hi, I’m Sheina Schochet, LMHC


Let’s talk about you and me…

You’re a millennial woman in a fast-paced world. Life is busy. And you feel lucky to be in this time when you can have it all- the career, the family, the dream (whatever that may be). But it is also a tremendous pressure. You worry about whether you are doing the right things at the right time, and if you are where you should be.

I get it. I’ve been there.

To be honest, at times I still find myself there. I question whether I should be further along, and whether I am the wife, mom, therapist (and all the other family and friend roles) I should be. Am I doing enough to contribute to this world?

Fortunately, through many years of education, ongoing trainings, and working with plenty of women in this stage, I know there is no rule book. Everyone has their own path. I learned to use the tools that I will teach you for working on acceptance and change in your life. We will work on understanding that while each step on the road can feel like another challenge, it is also a wonderful opportunity. It’s a moment to actively choose your path. A moment to assess if you are where you WANT to be, not where you should be.

Are you ready to stop “shoulding” yourself?


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (NY: 009134 ; FL: MH16586)

  • National Certified Counselor (NBCC: 742124)

  • M.A., Mental Health Counseling (Adams State University)